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Around 100 ‘blood-drinking’ Satan-worshippers arrested in Iran – news –

Posted by ashleahhill on May 30, 2009

Hail America!

Around 100 ‘blood-drinking’ Satan-worshippers arrested in Iran – news –

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Method Chaining and Getters and Setters in PHP

Posted by ashleahhill on May 27, 2009

Basic things sometimes escape me when working in PHP. Since most of what I’ve learned has come from reading source in the online documentation, I’ve missed a bunch of best practices. Today I learned getters and setters, which makes me feel a lot more confident that I won’t have conflicts when reusing my classes across projects. Even better, now that I’m using them I can combine all of my assignment statements into one thanks to method chaining.

Getters and setters:

protected $_artist;
// name of the artist
public function setArtist($artist){
$this->_artist = $artist;
return $this;
public function getArtist(){
return $this->_artist;

method chaining:


I love learning elegant logic like this. Both concepts are in this post: Faheem Abbas via Zend Framework.

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Skulls rule

Posted by ashleahhill on May 25, 2009

I liked this shirt featured on cult of mac.

I’m thinking about starting a project like this:

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Entertaiment Center in Progress

Posted by ashleahhill on May 25, 2009

EntertainmentCenter_5054, originally uploaded by ahill.uwshr.

Gothic Entertainment center ready for final sanding.

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Getting rid of the firefly

Posted by ashleahhill on May 25, 2009

Firefly_5013, originally uploaded by ahill.uwshr.

I don’t have a screen on my sliding glass door on my apartment. One fine day, I was airing out the apartment at twilight for a few when this dragonfly flew in.

It was attracted to the brightest light in the room, a 100 watt cfl in a lamp of mine. It kept flying around in the lampshade making a noise like a motorboat.

The noise was really unnerving, but I tried to ignore it and let it sort itself out. Finally, I got worried that it would cripple its wings and become instant bird food, so I came up with a plan to extricate it from the lamp and the room.

Very slowly, I picked up the lamp. Leaving the lamp plugged in, I carried it carried the lamp towards the open sliding door. I had to lay the lamp on its side to stick the shade outside the door. I then closed the door over the lamp as much as I could. At this point I turned on the outdoor light on the porch beyond the door. Then I unplugged the lamp that had entranced the dragonfly.

I waited five minutes and the dragonfly figured out how to fly out of the lamp unscathed.

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Black Eyeliner Reviews

Posted by ashleahhill on May 25, 2009

Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil:
Verrrrrry smooth. I could immediately tell the difference between the $8 pencils I had been using and the smooth, rich, black buttery texture of this pencil going on my eyes. Unfortunately, that softness and smoothness means that this pencil can’t hold a for longer than a few minutes, so one has to sharpen it a lot. I feel like it is running down really quickly. Also, because it’s not pointy, it’s hard to get that cat eyeliner look. Great on the waterline.

Guerlain Terracotta loose kohl powder:
Fun to apply. I enjoy pretending I’m in ancient Egypt using semi-precious stones to rim my eyes. It’s novel to use a stick instead of a brush or pencil for eyeliner. It’s not so fun, however, to get black specks all over one’s cheeks if one doesn’t apply CAREFULLY. Great staying power on the waterline and upper lid, especially for a powder.

Mac Fluid Line
Super rich, deep color. Soft gel is easy to apply. DOES NOT blend, but it’s great for cat eyes and other effects since it’s easy to apply with a brush and flick about. Doesn’t dry shiny like liquids, yet applies like one. It’s not coming off without makeup remover, so get it right the first time.

Bare Minerals Liner Shadow
Blends easily, goes on kinda gray. Good for normal looking eyes. Too bad it fades throughout the day, even if worn over a eyeshadow primer ( I use Urban Decay Primer Potion).

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